Welcome to East Tennessee Firearms Safety School

Firearms have been an important part of our Country's history since its very beginning. Today, firearms are used for many purposes -- hunting, competitive target shooting, recreational "plinking," and of course personal protection

The common thread in all these uses of firearms is the need to acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to use firearms safely and effectively for their intended purpose.

East Tennessee Firearms Safety School, based in Kingsport Tennessee, is the area's premier full-service firearms training school, offering NRA-Certified Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun, and Personal Protection courses, and more.

All of our instructors are certified in multiple NRA training classifications.

In addition, we are certified to offer the training you need to qualify for a Handgun Carry Permit in the states of Tennessee or Virginia.

By arrangement, we can also offer specialized class settings such as

  • Ladies Only Classes
  • Your Group Only classes

Additional Info

If you're new to firearms, our Basic Courses will teach you the fundamental skills, and get you started right!.

If self-defense and the protection of yourself and your family are a concern, we offer intermediate and advanced Personal Protection Courses to meet your needs.

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If you cannot find the information you need about class availability, scheduling, pricing, or any other question, don't hesitate to CONTACT US