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NRA Basic Metallic Cartridge Reloading

Chief Instructor: R. E. Camponovo, 423-239-3843/ 956-1230,
Whit Parham
Eric Olsen
Course cost: $110.00 each.

Course Length: Eight to Ten hours.

Course Goals: To provide beginning reloaders with the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary to safely reload metallic cartridges

Student Text: The NRA Guide to Reloading Handbook

Course Lessons: Topics and approximate times:

  1. Introduction to Reloading and Reloading Safety (One Hour)
  2. Centerfire Cartridge Components (One Hour)
  3. Using the reloading Manual and Reloading Data (One Hour)
  4. Metallic Cartridge Reloading Equipment (One Hour)
  5. The Metallic Cartridge Reloading Process (One Hour)
  6. Basic Metallic Cartridge Reloading Practical Exercise (Two Hours)
  7. Course Review and Examination (One Hour)

Location: Cherokee Rod & Gun Club, 4280 Reservoir Road, Kingsport TN.

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What to bring:

A safe attitude; Your lunch and drinks, reloading manuals if you have already obtained them.

What I will provide:

A complete rifle and pistol reloading setup. All components necessary for the practical exercise: powder, brass, primers, bullets, presses, and reference books suitable for reloading .223 and .38 super ammunition, NRA Guide to Reloading, and various handouts. Enthusiasm; a safe learning environment, NRA Completion Certificate. (calibers reloaded subject to change depending upon availability of components, each student will reload pistol and rifle calibers)

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