Introduction to Tactical Shotgun for Home Defense

Introduction to Tactical
Shotgun for Home Defense

This also qualifies Virginia residents for VA Carry
Chief Instructor: R. E. Camponovo
Registration: Automated registration is available on
our schedule page. Click on the date you want.
Preregistration REQUIRED
Course cost: $95.00 each for basic course
  • With use of School shotgun and ammo, add $15.00
    Maximum Fee = $110.00
Course Length: Total Class and range time will be as long as five hours. Please call 423-956-1230 after 5:00PM to reserve your space in class. Restricted class size so please pre-register.
Course Goals: To teach the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary for utilizing a shotgun for home defense.

Course Lessons: Topics and approximate times:
  1. Shotgun Knowledge and Safe Gun Handling (One Hour)
  2. Ammunition Knowledge and the Fundamentals of Tactical Shotgun Use (One Hour)
  3. Dry Fire Drills (One Hours)
  4. Two-Handed and One-Handed Shooting - Live fire. (One Hour)
  5. Review & Followup (up to one Hour)
Location: Cherokee Rod & Gun Club, 4280 Reservoir Road, Kingsport TN. or other location if Cherokee is not available. Contact Bob Camponovo at 956-1230 to confirm location (after 5:00PM please)
What to Bring: A safe attitude; Your 12 ga or 20 ga shotgun, either pump, break, semi-auto or single shot; eye and ear protection, ammunition, approximately sixty rounds per person; 7-1/2 shot or smaller; dummy rounds for your shotgun. Bring your dinner and drinks as there are no near by restaurants.
What I will
If you have not made a shotgun selection at this time I will, for $15.00, provide a suitable home defense shotgun and ammunition (there is a $15.00 ammo+ shotgun fee-- it is better to learn on your own shotgun if you already have one; we will help you choose a shotgun if you do not have one); eye and ear protection; targets; cleaning kit; Writing materials; various learning and training aids; multiple handouts; dummy ammunition (snap-caps); Enthusiasm; a safe learning environment. A certificate of Completion.

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