NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home

Chief Instructor: R. E. Camponovo
Eric Olsen
Course cost: $185.00 each, full advanced course (fourteen hours); $135.00 each, Intermediate course without lesson VII (nine hours) and your firearm, accessories and ammunition (see requirements below). Please note that there is a pre-course assessment fee of $25.00 if you have not taken Personal Protection Inside the Home.

A $75.00 deposit is required to reserve your place in class. Class size is limited. Range requirements are comprehensive.
Course Length: Total Class and range time will be as long as fourteen hours.

Course Goals: To develop in students the knowledge, skills, and attitude essential for avoiding dangerous confrontations and for the safe, effective and responsible use of a concealed handgun for self-defense outside the home.

Student Text: The NRA Guide to the Basics of Personal Protection Outside the Home Handbook
Course Lessons: Topics and approximate times:
  1. Introduction to Concealed Carry Safety and Defensive Mindset (One Hour)
  2. Introduction to Self Defense and Concealed Carry (One Hour)
  3. Legal Aspects of Concealed Carry and Self-Defense (One to Two Hours)
  4. Carry Modes and Concealment (One Hour)
  5. Presenting a Handgun From Concealment (One and one-half Hours, 44 rds min)
  6. Presentation, Position and Movement (Two Hours, 52 rds min)
  7. Special Shooting Techniques (Five Hours & 120 rds min)
  8. Sport Shooting Activities and Training Opportunities (One-half Hour)
  9. Course Review and Examination (One Hour)
  1. Completed and Certified NRA Basic Pistol Course
  2. Completed and Certified NRA Personal Protection in the Home Course (or 3 and 4)
  3. Pre-course Questionnaire
  4. Pre-course Assessment (must pass with grade 88% or higher).
  5. Be able to demonstrate loading and unloading a pistol and revolver
  6. Be able to shoot two-nine inch (or smaller) five shot groups with their pistol/revolver from any two handed standing position at twenty-one feet (no maximum time-slow fire)
What to bring:
  • A safe attitude;
  • your pistol, (either double action revolver or semi-auto pistol);
  • eye and ear protection (mandatory);
  • ammunition, (three hundred rounds per person);
  • Two magazines for your self-loading (semi-auto) pistol or two speed loaders for your revolver (mandatory);
  • Snap caps or Dummy inert rounds for your pistol (mandatory, six rounds).
  • Minimum caliber for instructor candidates is either 9mm or 38 Special (Basic Students may use any caliber firearm);
  • your Belt/Paddle strong side holster with retention strap or your belt/paddle rigid retention style strong side holster (and/or your fanny pack or holster purse);
  • a vest or jacket that will cover your firearm/holster;
  • Pouches (2) for your magazines or speed loaders.
  • Knee Pads are also recommended for certain exercises.
  • Bring food and drinks as appropriate. There are no restaurants in the near vicinity.
  • Please note that this class is physically demanding. Wear loose comfortable clothing and bring outer wear suitable for considerable outdoor activities.
What I will provide:
  • sand bags;
  • targets;
  • NRA Handbook;
  • Writing materials;
  • various learning and training aids;
  • multiple handouts;
  • Enthusiasm; a safe learning environment.
  • NRA "Personal Protection Outside the Home" certificates, Intermediate and Advanced.
  • Available as a rental pending ammo price and availability: 38 Special caliber revolver and/or 9mm caliber semi-automatic pistol and up to 300 rds of ammunition. There is an ammunition, accessories and firearms fee of $85.00/9mm or $110.00/38spl for the use of my ammo and pistol/revolver, eye and ear protection, inert training rounds, extra magazines and speed loaders, pouches, vest etc. Note: Fees may vary according to current ammo prices. (it is better to learn on your own pistol/revolver if you already have one).
    For non-instructor candidates I have the same outfit available for .22 cal for $40.00. Please let me know if you need a complete kit and the style of pistol and caliber you prefer (.22, 38 spl, or 9mm)
  • inert training rounds are available for a fee or for rent;
  • holsters are available for rent.

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